These are some of the miniatures Dad made. These farm tools were built from memory and are things he used when he was a young man working on his Dads farm in Ohio. Some of you may remember things like these and disagree with me on what they represent or do. If you have information you would like to share, please send it to me. I am going from my memory of what Dad told me some years ago. 

Many of you have been to Cactus Forest and have seen these items. For those of you who have not had that pleasure, please enjoy some of Dads work. This is a small representation of what he has done and more will come as I get pictures and get them arranged. Next time I get home, if I have the time, I will take digital pictures as these are old and in less than good shape.

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Buckboard.jpg (25494 bytes)

A Buckboard

Gravel Spreader again.jpg (32062 bytes)

Used to spread gravel on the road.

Gravel Spreader.jpg (21958 bytes)

Notice the bottom boards can be pulled out so the gravel falls through.

Hay wagon.jpg (29956 bytes)

Load this up with hay.

Lumber Wagon.jpg (31903 bytes)

This wagon was used to haul logs.

Slegh Wagon.jpg (32880 bytes)

For when there was snow on the ground.

Mud Bogg wagon.jpg (27853 bytes)

After the thaw you used this go get in the fields when they were still muddy.

Grader.jpg (30769 bytes)

All farmers were expected to help keep the roads in good shape.

Butter Churn-Dinner Bell and Beating Rugs.jpg (32650 bytes)

Making butter, the Dinner bell and Beating the rugs at spring cleaning.

Buzz Saw.jpg (31737 bytes)

Buzz saw.

Cider press.jpg (16983 bytes)

Cider press

Harrows.jpg (27553 bytes)

A couple of Harrows.

Hewing logs-Wheel barrow and Sharpening wheel.jpg (27527 bytes)

Hewing logs, wheel barrow and sharpening wheel

Hog butchering.jpg (30178 bytes)

Hog butchering

Lathe and Rope making machine.jpg (33633 bytes)

Early lathe and a rope making machine.

Log drag.jpg (19266 bytes)

Used to get logs out of the woods.

Making cider.jpg (24382 bytes)

Making cider

Plow and Scoop.jpg (35813 bytes)

Scoop and plow

Rock Drag-Harrow and Corn harvester.jpg (27882 bytes)

Drag rocks out of the field. Another harrow and a machine to gather corn into hills.

Show plow and Winch.jpg (24402 bytes)

Snow plow and a winch that could be driven by a mule.

Wash day.jpg (29566 bytes)

Wash day.

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